Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) is proud to offer our Intelligent Transportation Solutions comprising Trafficware and GRIDSMART products. Our solutions improve safety, minimize congestion, enhance roadway planning, and provide real-time and historical performance analytics.

The Intelligent Transportation Solution set provides an open, scalable, and flexible platform that includes central traffic management software, traffic signal controllers and cabinets, computer vision-based detection and tracking with Al, adaptive traffic signal control, planning, and modeling software, and signal performance measures. We appreciate your patience while we continue to improve our website. In the meantime, please use this page as a resource to locate your Sales and Support resources.

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Innovation is at the heart of our efforts, a relentless focus on delivering the next generation of products that connect people, vehicles, and communities. We know that every journey matters, no matter how long or short. That’s why our team at Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) helps transportation authorities and transit agencies design, integrate, deploy and manage mobility systems fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

We work alongside our transportation partners to understand their needs, objectives, and budgets while helping them build modern mobility systems to manage demand and congestion, make journeys safer, and empower travelers to make informed and preferred travel choices.

Whether you’re after a small-scale cloud-based, real-time passenger information system, a regional congestion management platform, or a complex traffic management system for urban networks delivered in an as-a-Service model, we’re here to support you and your customers.

Download our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Overview Brochure to learn more about our comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions focused on delivering a fully integrated approach to congestion management.

Come help us build “The Road to Better Infrastructure” together.

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